Theo Travis

Theo Travis

Musician, Composer, Arranger, Performer, Workshop Leader, Project Management.

Theo is a composer, producer, saxophonist and flautist with an international reputation. As a performer, composer and arranger he has played on over 100 CDs, played at Ronnie Scotts club and many international festivals all over the world. He has performed and recorded with Gong, Soft Machine Legacy, Robert Fripp,

Porcupine Tree, Bill Nelson, Francis Dunnery, Bill Bruford, the 2004 Hatfield and the North reunion, Anja Garbarek and Lol Coxhill. His compositions and arrangements have been used on many jazz CDs, live soundtracks to silent films (with Cipher), theatre productions, songs, installations, and TV documentaries. As a sonic experimentalist, he has developed his own system of ambitronics which utilises looping technology to create canvases of sound on flutes and saxes that are then woven into the music he makes. Such music, performed on the alto flute, was first released on Theo’s acclaimed album Slow Life which was credited as the inspiration behind the Jonathan Coe novel “The Rain before it Falls” Theo has developed this technique and incorporated it into his work with Robert Fripp, David Sylvian, and Cipher (Past Lives, 8 silent film soundtracks, many UK tours and 3 CDs)

Theo has also acted as bandleader and manager, booking agent, record producer, tour manager.


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